Grow, Gift, Repair

FINALIZED AGENDA: Will we see you in Pioneer Valley?

Panel 1 will be on Education and Community awareness: Moderated by Ezra Parzybok

 LME Training programs 

 Marijuana advocacy

 Community awareness events 

 Equity Programs

 Opiate Epidemic 

 Social Justice Programs


Kinser Cancelmo, Founder of Meg’s fight for a cure

Kamani Jefferson, Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council

Rosie McMahan, M.Ed./ACS Optimistic Options

Marie Salgado, Community Outreach

Panel 2 will be on Licensing and Start up topics: Moderated by Frank Dailey

 Cannabis Control Commission final regulations

 Employment in the Cannabis Industry

 Capital requirements for startups 

 Areas of Disproportionate Impact

 Security Plans and Site Safety 

 Criminal Record Requirements


Jeffrey Bagg, planner for Town of Easthampton

David Caputo, President, Positronic Farms

Karima Rizk, owner Café Vert in Easthampton

Richard Evans, EvansCutler Attorneys