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FINAL Regulations Approved

The Cannabis Control Commission voted unanimously to accept the rules that will govern the new, legal industry. Commission Chair Steve Hoffman said he doesn’t anticipate any potential roadblocks between now and July 1 when the first licensed retail stores will be allowed to open.

“We need to make sure we have all of our staff in place. We need to make sure that our technology is in place. We need to continue to collaborate with the cities and towns around the state to make sure they’re comfortable and that our process works with their process,” Hoffman said shortly after the commission’s vote.

“I wouldn’t call any of those roadblocks,” he added. “It’s just things that we have to continue to work on between now and July 1.”

Initially, once licensed retail stores will be allowed, however cannabis cafes and other social consumption venues, as well as home delivery of marijuana products are on hold until next year, at the earliest.