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Final Licenses sooner than we expect?

The companies Cultivate Holdings in Leicester and New England Treatment Access in Northampton will be the first to be able to open their doors to the general public.

Both are currently open and selling to the medical marijuana market. They will be allowed to shift up to 65 percent of their inventory to the adult-use market.

Cultivate was the first company to be awarded a provisional license back in early July.

Still to be resolved, however, is the fact that no independent testing laboratories have yet been given their final license by the cannabis commission. Regulations say no marijuana products can be sold without first being tested by a lab that has been licensed by the CCC.

Two labs that currently serve the medical marijuana market have been granted provisional licenses. Sources familiar with the licensing process are hopeful a final license will be issued to a lab soon, possibly at a meeting sometime this month.

After being granted a provisional license, cannabis businesses must undergo a final inspection by CCC staff before the final license is issued.