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Federal update

Michael Correia: “This is my sixth year doing this and this is the first time where I’ve actually had a Congress with Democrats in control of [the] House where a difference can be made and we can actually have something come out. It’s been really hard over the years with the Republicans in control where they just didn’t want to have an open minded discussion about this issue. You knew where the states were going; you could see that one state after the other was doing it and Congress just wasn’t willing to debate this. And so with the states act Senator Warren was trying to do an incremental approach. This isn’t legalization at the federal level it was allowing the states to go forward and being able to operate and implement without fear of federal prosecution. So it’s a great first step. Why Congress didn’t even debate that, have a hearing, talk about it, talk about the legislation is beyond me. I think this is going to be a really good year 2019 to have that discussion, at least in the House, and gain some momentum and maybe in the Senate side. And so from a state perspective, what I deal with in Congress is chicken and egg. You know, what goes first? Does Congress go first and allow the states to go forward, or do the states break federal law to get enough momentum going, to where Congress now has an interest or want to do it. And so that’s what I’ve been dealing with.”