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Feb. 11, 12, 13: Organic Cultivators Super Natural Conference

Organic Cultivators in partnership with Sunnabis is proud to present an amazing lineup for our inaugural Super Natural Conference being held in Massachusetts, February 11-13 at the Sturbridge Host Hotel.

Good farmers will tell you they never stop learning. With science providing new insights into the soil food web smart farmers are adding new tools to their “toolbox” and gaining a better idea of how to manage their land by using nature and the biology that makes the natural system work so beautifully. Organic Cultivators has put together a 3 day Super Natural conference in Sturbridge, MA February 11-13 that focuses on education for growers of every skill level with talks from experts as we dive deep into subjects you thought you understood and explore the newest discoveries in soil science and how they are being applied effectively at all scales.

Covering everything from large scale production farming to small homegrown methods this will include outdoor, greenhouse, light dep, and indoor growing styles for all crops. Our conference will include keynote speakers with presentations on many topics including –

  • pH and CEC
  • Sunlight and its Effects on Plants and Soil
  • Transitioning to Living Soil
  • Scaling up Korean Natural Farming
  • Natural Farming Philosophy
  • Seed Size and Epigenetics
  • Interpreting Soil Tests
  • Mineral Balancing
  • Korean Natural Farming Q/A
  • Becoming More Sustainable in Indoor Cultivation Systems
  • Integrated Pest Management in Cannabis

Along with presentations there will be storytelling from the outlaws that made the cannabis culture what it is and put the Emerald Triangle on the map. Ever wondered what it was like to smuggle medicine across the country or spend time in jail for a plant? Join us for “An Evening with Outlaws” with Wendy Kornberg, Kevin Jodrey, and Patrick King as they talk story and answer all of your questions!

We are going to have a blast with this and we can’t wait to see you there! Every day will begin with a casual chat and will then roll into the keynote speakers ending in an evening discussion panel. In addition we have added some after hours events to the program! We will be gathering at the Summit Lounge in Worcester, MA Friday evening for a consumption get together with samples provided by Green Meadows. Sunday night we will be gathering at Green Meadows for facility tours of the cultivation area. They will also be offering a discount to medical patients who are attending the conference.

Friday Feb 11 Potions and Alchemy

Speakers – Chris TrumpWendy Kornberg – Koby Guye  – Ben Morgan-Dillon

Saturday Feb 12 Divination with Dan

Speakers – Dan KittredgeKevin Jodrey – Patrick King – Wendy Kornberg – Rebel Grown

Sunday Feb 13 Ghosts and Goblins

SpeakersThe Buglady Suzanne Wainwright – Dr. Kat A. Donnelly – Sundarajan Mutialu – Janna Beckerman – Joshua Turner