Grow, Gift, Repair

Farmer’s market in Las Vegas

“We really want to flip the old model upside down and pull back the old school dealing out of trunks,” said John Mueller, the CEO of Acres Cannabis.

The marijuana farmers market has an underground feel and that’s on purpose.

People can’t believe it and you never know what you’re going to find: edibles, lotions, or oils because the sellers change every week.

“It’s a different experience. You could go to any dispensary in town and have a similar bud tender experience,” said Mueller.

Just like you would talk to the farmer who grew your carrots and apples, at the underground market you can speak to the people growing your cannabis.

“You can, like I said, learn so much just by being able to talk to the people who make it,” said Blake Folson, a brand ambassador for Evergreen Organix.

The market is open Fridays and Saturdays starting at 11 a.m