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Facebook Cannabis Marketing

It seems Facebook officials are looking to amend the policy to some degree regarding marijuana marketing.

“Our policies at the moment do not allow for the sale of marijuana on the platform,” a company associate told the news source. “We want to consider whether we can loosen this restriction, especially in relation to medical marijuana, legal marijuana and brick and mortar stores.”

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But Facebook has to deal with some logistics issues before taking such a leap. It has to figure out a way to distinguish between legal and illegal activity, as well as prevent pot promotions from being revealed to users under the age of 21. It also needs to make sure that allowing marijuana ad placement doesn’t cause problems with cultures all over the planet. In short, the company has the challenge of figuring out how to unleash marijuana activity in a manner that appeases the masses.

“Since marijuana faces different legal and social restrictions across the globe, this may be operationally challenging for us,” a company associate said.

Facebook is sort of taking a baby step approach to marijuana. Last year, the company was called out for disregarding cannabis-related firms in its searches, but that was later sorted out after Canada legalized nationwide. Now, it is relatively easy to search for all of your favorite pot publications, including The Fresh Toast.