Grow, Gift, Repair

Executive Summary: PATRIOT CARE CORP.


12. Summary of plan to positively impact areas of disproportionate impact:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Continue to hire individuals specifically from disproportionate areas such as Greenfield and Lowell;
ii. Develop apprenticeship and educational programs for individuals living in disproportionately impacted areas who are interested in the marijuana industry. The applicant expects this program to be operational by the fall of 2018.

22. Summary of diversity plan:
The applicant plans to effectuate its goal of providing equitable opportunities throughout its operation by doing the following:
i. Engage with vocational schools, community colleges, veteran re-entry programs, and advocacy groups to educate disenfranchised individuals about its operation and possible employment opportunities;
ii. Adopt organizational policies that mandate fairness and equity;
iii. Offer mentoring programs for disadvantaged employees;
iv. Provide career guidance and planning programs; and
v. Implement a non-discriminatory merit-based performance appraisal system.