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Executive Summary for Northeast Alternatives

Executive Summary – Northeast Alternatives, INC.- (MRN281314) retailer

12. Summary of plan to positively impact areas of disproportionate impact:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Hire a diverse staff that have lived five of the last ten years in an area of disproportionate impact;
ii. Conduct community service days and host charitable events in Fall River; and
iii. Provide educational seminars in the areas of restorative justice, jail diversion, and workforce development.

22. Summary of diversity plan:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Host career fairs, counseling sessions, and trainings for the benefit of underrepresented and minority communities;
ii. Develop relationships with organizations serving minorities, women, people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, veterans, and persons with disabilities with the goal of attracting and hiring a diverse team; and
iii. Measure progress of its diversity goals by requiring periodic workforce utilization reports to be conducted by its HR Director.