Grow, Gift, Repair

Executive Summary for MCR LABS

12. Summary of plan to positively impact areas of disproportionate impact:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Provide financial support to areas of disproportionate impact through enhanced and targeted donations and sponsorships to advocacy groups, economic empowerment non-profits, and local charities;
ii. Provide discounted testing structures for economic empowerment applicants and other entrepreneurs from areas of disproportionate impact; and
iii. Participate or host educational seminars and technical trainings with such groups as Mass Equitable Opportunities Now.

22. Summary of diversity plan:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Create and sustain a robust policy of inclusivity and diversity by recruiting individuals from underrepresented and minority communities;
ii. Purchase goods and services from vendors, contractors, and professional service providers that are owned and operated by individuals that derive from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds; and
iii. Measure progress of its diversity goals by establishing a Diversity Committee and requiring periodic management reviews to be conducted by its Director of Business Operations.