Grow, Gift, Repair

Executive Summary: APOTHCA, INC.


10. The applicant proposed the following programs for its Positive Impact Plan:
a. Institute hiring practices that will prioritize the hiring of individuals from disproportionate areas with a focus on Fitchburg;
b. Conduct industry specific educational seminars in cultivation, manufacturing, retail operations, and overall business training;
c. Partner with or support organizations providing jail diversion and restorative justice programs;
d. Provide financial mentoring services or host organizations providing these services; and
e. Hold monthly informational sessions regarding the process for sealing and expunging criminal records

16. The applicant proposed the following programs for its Diversity Plan:
a. Host career fairs in underrepresented and minority communities;
b. Utilize suppliers who are committed to diversity and inclusion;
c. Encourage employees from diverse groups to refer applications for employment;
d. Establish recruitment efforts at higher learning institutions; and
e. Develop relationships with organizations serving minorities, women, people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, veterans, and persons with disabilities for employment referrals