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Examining property value after legalization

“Georgetown’s addition of marijuana hasn’t negatively impacted the town in any way that I can see,” Sevajian said. “No one is saying to us, ‘I don’t want to live in Georgetown because of this.’ It’s simply not happening.’”

Susan Stead of Coldwell Banker, who lives in Georgetown and handles property sales in and around Georgetown, can attest to that as well.

“I’ve lived here for 32 years, and a lot of my clients – my buyers and sellers who are selling their house and looking for something bigger or smaller – a lot of them are staying in town,” Stead said. “I have had sellers express concern over whether [marijuana] is going to affect their property value, and I have not seen that at all.”

Basically, Georgetown’s benefits – proximity to I-95, having its own school district instead of a regional one, etc. – outweigh concerns over marijuana.

“All of that stuff, at least to date, has trumped whatever concerns buyers are having,” Stead continued.

Stead added that she believes the town’s recent vote to keep all cannabis businesses in the eastern part of town near I-95, away from downtown and out of residential neighborhoods, has helped alleviate concerns.