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MRCC Grow to Consume Workshop: Learn Black Indigenous Organic Grow Culture

Join community at MRCC’s black indigenous centered health workshop on organic growing to consume practices.

What is agroecology? Interested in growing organic but believe its too expensive? Interested in learning how to assess a plants health by sight? Join the people as we learn Black indigenous grow methods to growing organic plants in a manner that is affordable for the people, sustainable, and learn regenerative practices for soil.

This workshop is led by MRCC’s Senior Organic Grow Educator. Seeds will be gifted to everyone that registers and attends.

This workshop centers Black, Brown, Indigenous people. All MRCC spaces are lgbtqia+ safe.

About MRCC: Established since 2017, MRCC is a political organization in advocacy of people that are disproportionately impacted by the racially motivated War on Drugs. Black & Brown, women, and queer led – our workers move in solidarity for racial, healing, and transformative justice through an intersectional framework.

Get Active & join the people moving in solidarity for racial justice at July’s Meeting:

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All funds raised from this workshop goes towards MRCC’s The Peoples Solidarity Fund. MRCC uses a member participatory process to empower the peoples voice on how funds are spent to support systemic change for racial, healing, transformative justice. Become a member today:


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