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Event licenses were delayed AGAIN

At Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Kay Doyle proposed delaying consideration of regulations establishing event licenses until the fall, saying there are operational issues that still need to be worked out.

The proposal was approved on a 3-2 vote, with Commissioners Britte McBride and Shaleen Title voting against the delay.

Establishing the regulations will require writing rules, going through a public comment process and finalizing the rules. The commission is going through that process now, crafting regulations for marijuana cafes and home delivery companies. But no exact time frame has been laid out for starting the rule-writing process again in the fall.

After the meeting, commission chairman Steven Hoffman said he supports eventually issuing event licenses, but he thinks more work needs to be done. “Our enforcement team has communicated to me that there are some serious challenges in terms of implementation with respect to public health and public safety, diversion, prevention of access by people under 21,” Hoffman said.

Title, who was on a working group that studied social consumption, said, “I think it’s ready, but I totally respect the other commissioners who want a few more months to work out some of the operational issues.”

Even once the state establishes rules for social consumption, it will take time for these businesses to open. It may require a vote of the Legislature to establish a process for municipalities to opt in to allowing social consumption. The commission also envisions starting with a pilot program with up to 12 municipalities who choose to participate.