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Equity Improvements For New CCC Delivery License

YOUR help is needed! Your signature on this petition will help to make crucial positive equity changes for the new cannabis Delivery license. Without these changes, the license type has an extremely poor outlook. But these changes will turn it around completely. YOUR VOICE IS VITAL to the outcome!

The key changes we are requesting to the proposed Delivery regulations:

  • Be able to purchase marijuana and marijuana products from licensed wholesalers in the Commonwealth (i.e., direct from cultivators, product manufacturers, craft cooperatives, and microbusinesses) (Purchase at wholesale)
  • Remove the restriction that marijuana may not be stored overnight (Normal warehousing)
  • Have their exclusivity period of being only available to companies majority-owned by Economic Empowerment (EE) or Social Equity (SE) members extended to be a three-year period, with an option for the exclusivity period extended further based on the Commission’s determination if its equity goals are being met (Extended exclusivity

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