Grow, Gift, Repair

Environmental Guidance from the state.

Sam Milton, an energy policy consultant based in Arlington who works with several cannabis-related businesses, praised the letter.

“I think their recommendations are spot on,” he said. “I was impressed with EEA’s approach to regulations. They are looking at ways that this industry can have an impact on the goals of the state in terms of energy efficiency and carbon reduction.”

Milton said he liked the push for specificity.

But Senator James B. Eldridge, a longtime proponent of legalization and a leader on a legislative committee focused on climate change, saw a more pernicious undercurrent.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the Baker administration prioritize energy efficiency concerns on any job-creating industry,” the Acton Democrat said. “Respectfully, I think it’s an example of Governor [Charlie] Baker’s continued opposition to the legalization of marijuana, using the cover of concerns about energy and the environment to create yet another obstacle to marijuana being grown on farms and generally creating jobs.”