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Educational efforts coming out the CCC

As pot products fly off the shelves at the only two state licensed retailers, the awareness campaign is also growing on social media. Soon, the CCC’s campaign will be seen on billboards and public transit and is based on strategies used in other states where pot is legal along with research and focus group input.

“I think messaging, as long as it affects you and as long as you can tap into that its going to be effective and it doesn’t matter to us if its cheesy or if its real people or if its cartoon characters,” said Flanagan.

However, one cannabis educator tells Boston 25 News he believes the commission’s videos are biased and is questioning the way they are trying to reach their audience.

Kamani Jefferson, president of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council says that, while he favors public education on pot, he sees little value in the video.

“It’s a little biased, they specifically are talking about potency and edibles [and] it comes off a little fearful as a consumer,” said Jefferson.

The CCC launched a public awareness campaign on marijuana back in August, which you can find here. Public awareness videos for responsible consumers can be found here and for parents and guardians can be found here.