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EDUCATE: Learn About Coop Financial Futures

Workers have the right to own and have access to equity! Learn about the nitty gritty of budgeting and projections so you can make informed decisions while forming a cooperative.

Wednesday, July 27, 12-1:30 pm EDT  Now that you’ve decided if you’re ready for capital, and learned how to make and use financial statements to benefit your co-op, we want to take you on a financial deep dive. In the third part of our financial series we will get into the nitty-gritty of budgeting and projections. We want to set you up to be able to use your financial information to make the most informed decisions you can for your co-op’s future! Come with any and all questions you might have around this topic!

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*This is a virtual  workshop using the Zoom platform, with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish. Please plan to be fully present and use a connection with video if possible.  Presented by the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast and Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation