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Dispensary coming to Easthampton

Holistic Industries, Inc. plans a Rt. 10 dispensary called “Liberty.” The retail shop at 155 Northampton St. would sell both recreational and medicinal marijuana, said CEO Josh Genderson.

Genderson and his team fielded questions Wednesday during a community outreach meeting in the Boylston Room at the Keystone Mill. Around a dozen people attended, including City Planner Jeffrey Bagg and former mayor Michael Tautznik.

Rachel Genderson, the CEO’s niece and director of marketing, described the planned patient experience. She said a “wellness guide” will offer consultations. She said different products support mindsets such as “serenity” or “vitality.”

Vincent Canales, director of security, said he is a former homicide detective and police officer in Maryland. He described a “man trap” doorway system that won’t let a customer in until they show their credentials. The building will be monitored by cameras and have round-the-clock security, he said.

Canales said he wants to hire people for the security detail, and encouraged “retired police officers, former military” and those with related experience to apply.