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Craft Coop farmers need your help!

“Friends of Farm Bug,

For those newbies to this newsletter, welcome! For those that have been a Friend of Farm Bug for the long haul, my apologies for the delay since our last newsletter. I’ve been working very diligently with our Cultivating Members to ensure that the Co-op will have everything secured to apply for a license from the Cannabis Control Commission.

In the meantime, I wondered if you great people that have supported us might do me a favor. Although the Town of Buckland voted overwhelmingly (nearly 60%) Yes on Question 4, we’ve been stalled on our progress there due to a loud minority of prohibitionists, who, the other night, literally called Farm Bug Co-op a ‘criminal organization.’ Yup, you can’t make this stuff up. So, what I’d love for everyone to do is email (or call) Andrea Llamas, the Town Administrator of Buckland, Massachusetts, to let her know that you support Farm Bug Co-op and our mission to ensure that local small farmers and craft growers enter this cannabis industry. If you like this email template, you may use it. Just sign your name to the bottom. If you’d like to change the words, be my guest!

Andrea Llamas
Buckland Town Administrator
Phone: (413) 625-6330 (Ext. 5)

It is very unfortunate that what I’ve mostly experienced from our local governments across the state Massachusetts is an unwillingness to work with and support small local players that wish to enter the cannabis industry. Instead, it’s been quite the opposite. Most municipalities that have not put in a moratorium or ban on adult use marijuana establishments have instated local bylaws that favor big businesses with millions in the bank over local small players. When I started our journey, I knew that this wouldn’t be easy. But, I have been shocked at how unsupportive our governments have been to the people of Massachusetts that wish to enter the cannabis industry.

If you have remained silent or tepid in your advocacy for legalized cannabis, now is the time to start speaking up. The people of Massachusetts are who passed Question 4 and fought for a state law and state regulations that favored small, local players. And, so, it’s the people that will create this adult use cannabis industry right here in Massachusetts (not the politicians). Get active and don’t be afraid to speak up and speak out.

Power to the People!

Your Humble Advocate,

Eric R. Schwartz
Farm Bug Co-op”