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Compliance will be key for every license moving forward

Under federal law, it is illegal for marijuana to pass over state lines. Interstate commerce of marijuana is also illegal.

In a phone conversation, Canuvo’s CEO, Sage Peterson, told WBZ’s Louisa Moller that Canuvo samples were sent to MCR “a while ago” when the lab the dispensary normally uses in Maine was have operational issues. Peterson admitted that it was illegal to transport the marijuana across state lines but said her company did it to ensure the safety of her marijuana product.

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission, or CCC, said it would investigate MCR after the incident with the dumpster in January. WBZ approached the CCC regarding this new incident.

Marijuana product found in dumpster behind MCR Labs (Image credit: Framingham Police)

“I am not going to comment on an open investigation,” CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman said.

“I’m confident that everyone that continues to operate with a license is operating safely,” he continued.

WBZ also alerted the CCC to a 2017 incident when an MCR employee was accused of stealing thousands of dollars of marijuana product from the lab. Police said MCR did not cooperate with that investigation.

After learning of the incident involving the MCR employee, the CCC gave MCR approval to test recreational marijuana.

MCR’s President and CEO released a statement, Thursday, saying:

“The mission of MCR Labs is to ensure the safety of marijuana in Massachusetts through high-quality testing in our state-certified, accredited laboratory. We do not have any contracts with any out-of-state marijuana producers or dispensaries and have not knowingly performed tests for them.”