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Co-operative coming to Conway

John Moore and Lisa Gustavsen of Roaring Glen Farms LLC want to start a craft marijuana cooperative at 40 Whately Glen Road, believing it will help enrich Conway’s agricultural history and culture. Their appointment with the Selectboard in the Town Offices was expedited due to members’ desire to attend the annual citizens caucus across the street at Town Hall. Moore explained he and Gustavsen will be back in front of the Selectboard after its members review the information they presented.

Gustavsen said the plan is to cultivate marijuana on a 3-acre lot on their 60-acre property. They are applying for a permit that includes everything except retail although Moore said there is also no interest in manufacturing. The state Cannabis Control Commission defines a craft marijuana cooperative as “a type of Marijuana Cultivator which may cultivate, obtain, manufacture, process, package and brand marijuana and marijuana products to deliver marijuana to Marijuana Establishments, but not to consumers.”

During her presentation, Gustavsen said their location complies with the legally required 500-foot buffer from public or private schools. She also said there would be a 24-hour presence at the cultivation site when the crop presents a potential or has economic value. Moore explained this is generally the final six weeks of the plant’s life. Gustavsen said the operation would utilize locked storage during processing.

The cultivation, Gustavsen explained, would be at least 1,000 feet from the closest residence and out of the line of sight from roadways and neighbors. Also, harvesting would generate no atypical sound or light pollution, she said.