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City Councilor receives donation from medical applicant

She said the donation was not in any way a reward for her work on the permit.

“Absolutely not, I don’t think any of my supporters do it to reward me. What would they be rewarding for?,” she said.

“I would hope they are doing it because they believe in me; do it because they like the way I handle issues and challenges and think I will make a super representative.”

Former City Councilor Jonathan Weydt, a harsh critic of Hall’s, first raised the issue of the donation, bringing it up on Facebook and elsewhere.

He said the proposed marijuana facility was not the required distance from a residential zone, but Hall got it through the council anyway.

At the time Hall was the chairwoman of the zoning committee.

City Solicitor Lauren Galvin had said that confusion over the zoning should not disqualify the applicant.

The council is now working toward clarifying the zoning requirements.

“As you know, I am one of 11 council members. I don’t have the authority and, more importantly, I would not engage in any activity to allow anyone to violate zoning,” Hall said.