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Channel 5 WCVB needs a long time rec consumer

Channel 5 WCVB is looking for folks:

We are looking to interview “regular” consumers of recreational marijuana, and by regular I mean not someone in the industry or with a stake in its success (not that that’s a bad thing).

We are looking for one consumer who has used for a long time and can talk about how attitudes have changed toward using marijunana. That story is, naturally, about changing attitudes towards marijuana – how did we go from “Just say no” and “Reefer Madness” to legalization?

The other story is more focused on some of the legal aspects of marijuana. What is and is not legal/criminal now? (e.g. driving while impared). We might ask this consumer, what do you think is fair to limit marijuana use? Do you think you should be able to show up to work high? Drive while high? Why or why not? What does the user think of legalization and does it go far enough? Too far?

Anyone is welcome to reach out to me to find out more before committing to going “on the record” and on-camera. My office phone is 781-433-4577.

Thank you!

Kevin Rothstein