Grow, Gift, Repair

Chairman Hoffman at the MASS CBA event


“We need to work with cities and towns around the state, and I think some of you know that is challenging. You can’t control that, but what you can do is build and run professional businesses that are assets to the communities in which they operate.”

“Banking is a big problem and it’s one that I’m concerned about. … From a public safety standpoint, the experience in other states that preceded us is they were all-cash businesses and over time, as bankers and the states are seeing that these are professionally run businesses that are doing what they say regarding public health and public safety, then the banks come in. The commission is trying to speed that up, but while there are some things we can do, one thing we can’t do is force anybody to enter this industry.”


“This has to be a diverse industry in terms of racial diversity, in terms of gender diversity, in terms of ethnic diversity. If you look at other states that preceded us, they haven’t done a great job. We have to work on that. We have to do better. It’s got to be inclusive. We as a commission are held accountable, and if we are not performing well on those measures, we need to go back to the legislature and say what do we need to do differently.”

“We are willing to meet with and listen to anybody. We don’t promise to agree, we don’t promise to do what you tell us, but we promise to meet with you and we promise to listen and we promise to take you seriously.”