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CCC’s budget

Funding for the commission is included in the new $41.88 billion budget that Massachusetts Senate and House negotiators forged for the current fiscal year. The budget is awaiting Gov. Charlie Baker’s approval.

Here’s a break down of the commission’s budget, according to figures the spokeswoman provided:

$4.4 million for personnel costs, as the commission plans to fill out a full-time staff of 40-plus employees. The staff total includes the five, full-time commissioners.

$2 million for offices, operations and programs.

$1.2 million for information technology, which includes the commission’s licensing system and funding for the seed-to-sale marijuana plant tracking system.

$300,000 for community outreach programs that are required by law to help the commission meet its goals of including communities disproportionately harmed by marijuana arrests and incarceration and engagement with minorities, women, veterans and farmers.