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CCC Weekly Update Part 2

Cannabis Control Commission members met to discuss whether 38 various licenses to sell, cultivate or process cannabis in Massachusetts should be renewed. Of those 38 licenses, only Northeast Alternatives’ was deemed as needing to be investigated.

It was commission Executive Director Shawn Collins who suggested commissioners renew the dispensary’s license under the condition that an investigation be held.

“I would just suggest or recommend applying the same condition as previously included relative to an investigation and determination of their continued suitability for licensure given the location,” said Collins, who did not elaborate what about the dispensary’s “location” warranted an investigation.

Apart from Collins’ comments, discussion on the matter was limited Thursday. A subsequent request by The Herald News for the CCC to clarify Collins’ comment didn’t produce an answer either.

CCC members held a similar vote at their September meeting. At that time, commissioners voted to renew Northeast Alternatives’ licenses to cultivate cannabis with the stipulation that an investigation into the company’s suitability be held.

At the time, Commissioner Jennifer Flanagan said, “I think the condition is necessary given the situation and where we’re at. I think it also goes to put others on notice that we are paying attention.”

Though no clarification was ever given as to what “situation” Flanagan was referencing, her remarks came a week after Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia’s arrest for having allegedly extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from cannabis businesses trying to open in Fall River.