3 KEY STEPS Before Submitting an Application for a Massachusetts Cannabis License

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Understanding Local Control Navigating the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts adult-use marijuana program can be a daunting task for municipalities and aspiring business owners. MRCC can guide you through the process. The CCC released a GUIDANCE DOCUMENT to ensure proper compliance and implementation of regulated adult-use marijuana establishments in municipalities. Below, we break down this document’s key information. Licensing … Read More


Saskia Vann JamesEntrepreneurs, Municipalities/Towns, News & Events

YOUR TOP 5 TOOLS FOR CANNABIS ADVOCACY.DO YOU WANT CANNABIS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?How do you achieve the cannabis laws you want in your own town? How do you make your local lawmakers listen to your voice and your vote? Two years ago, we asked ourselves these same questions and formed the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC) to empower community members and help … Read More