Grow, Gift, Repair

Cannabis Control Commission Public Meeting May 7, 2020 10:00 AM

Cannabis Control Commission

Remote Participation

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1) Call to Order

2) Chairman’s Comments & Updates

3) Minutes for Approval

4) Executive Director’s Report

a. Highlights from Licensing Data**

b. Update: Progress on Executive Director Goals

c. Update: Inspections

5) Staff Recommendations on Changes of Ownership

a. Baked Bean, LLC

b. Caregiver-Patient Connection, LLC

c. Grass Appeal, LLC

d. Mass Yield Cultivation, LLC

e. Nova Farms, LLC

6) Staff Recommendations on Changes of Location

a. Liberty Compassion, Inc.

7) Staff Recommendations on Renewals

a. Native Sun Wellness, Inc. (#MP281433)

b. Native Sun Wellness, Inc. (#MR281800)

c. Nature’s Remedy of Massachusetts, Inc. (#MR282049)

d. Eagle Eyes Transport, Inc. (#MT281320)

e. Mayflower Medicinals, Inc. (#MC281343)

f. Mayflower Medicinals, Inc. (#MP281480)

g. In Good Health, Inc. (#MR282468)

h. Mayflower Medicinals, Inc. (#MR281256)

i. Solar Therapeutics (#MR281817)

j. Bud’s Goods & Provisions Corp. (#MR281774)

k. Bud’s Goods & Provisions Corp. (#MR282319)

l. The Botanist, Inc. (#RMD-1225)

m. Silver Therapeutics, Inc.

n. Briarleaf, LLC

o. New England Treatment Access, LLC (#RMD-185)

p. New England Treatment Access, LLC (#RMD-125)

q. Fidelity Wellness Center, Inc.

r. Ermont, Inc. (#RMD-225)

s. Healthy Pharms (#RMD-285)

8) Staff Recommendations on Final Licenses

a. Caregiver-Patient Connection, LLC. (#MC282237) Cultivation, Tier 2/Indoor

b. Ipswich Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. d/b/a Fine Fettle (#MC281749) Cultivation, Tier 2/Outdoor

c. Silver Therapeutics, Inc. (#MR281910), Retail

d. Alternative Therapies Group (#RMD-1528)

e. Alternative Therapies Group (#RMD-1530)

9) Staff Recommendations on Provisional Licenses

a. Atlantic Farms, LLC. (#MCN281975) Cultivation, Tier 7/Outdoor

b. B Leaf Wellness Centre, LLC. (#MRN281356), Retail

c. Cypress Tree Management, Inc. (#MRN282803), Retail

d. EOS-Bittersweet, LLC. (#MCN282296) Cultivation, Tier 2/Indoor

e. Fernway, LLC. (#MPN281661), Product Manufacturing

f. Galil Greenery, LLC (#MRN281978), Retail

g. Ganesh Wellness, Inc. (#MPN281634), Product Manufacturing

h. Ganesh Wellness, Inc. (#MRN282519), Retail

i. Green Meadows Farm, LLC (#MRN282316), Retail

j. Green Stratus Corp (#MRN282256), Retail

k. Green World, LLC. d/b/a Green Heart (#MRN281939), Retail

l. Grow Team Gardens (#MBN281521), Microbusiness

m. Heal Provincetown, Inc. (#MRN282621), Retail

n. High Hawk Farm, LLC (#MCN282412), Cultivation, Tier 11/Outdoor

o. HumboldtEast, LLC (#MCN282004), Cultivation, Tier 3/Indoor

p. Hyecorp, LLC d/b/a Green Star (#MRN282460), Retail

q. Jamaco, LLC (#MCN282136), Cultivation, Tier 2/Indoor

r. LMCC, LLC (#MRN282796), Retail

s. Lynn Organics, LLC (#MRN282618), Retail

t. Major Bloom, LLC (#MRN283033), Retail

u. Mantis Management Group, LLC (#MCN281390), Cultivation, Tier 1/Indoor

v. Mantis Management Group, LLC (#MPN281550), Product Manufacturing

w. Mederi, Inc. (#MCN282059), Cultivation, Tier 2/Indoor

x. Munro Associates, LLC d/b/a The Vault (#MRN282527), Retail

y. Munro Associates, LLC d/b/a The Vault (#MRN282604), Retail

z. Munro Associates, LLC d/b/a The Vault (#MRN282814), Retail

aa. Nature’s Embrace, Inc. (#MRN282669), Retail

bb. Northempton Enterprises, Inc. (#MRN282356), Retail

cc. Ocean Breeze Cultivators, LLC (#MCN281908), Cultivation, Tier 3/Indoor

dd. Ocean Breeze Cultivators, LLC (#MPN281663), Product Manufacturing

ee. Peak Limited, LLC (#MCN281941), Cultivation, Tier 2/Indoor

ff. Peak Limited, LLC (#MPN281400), Product Manufacturing

gg. Spencer House, LLC d/b/a Canna Corner (#MRN281885), Retail

hh. The High End Chocolate Company, LLC d/b/a The High End (#MCN281364), Cultivation, Tier 4/Indoor

ii. Top Shelf Cannaseurs, LLC (#MCN281604), Cultivation, Tier 3/Indoor

jj. Top Shelf Cannaseurs, LLC (#MPN281435), Product Manufacturing

kk. ToroVerde (Massachusetts) III, Inc. (#MRN282629), Retail

ll. ToroVerde (Massachusetts) II, Inc. (#MRN282320), Retail

mm. ToroVerde (Massachusetts), Inc. (#MRN282601), Retail

10) Commission Discussion and Votes

a. Economic Relief for Adult-Use Licensees

b. Policy Vote & Update: Delivery & Pre-certification

c. Minimum Equity Threshold for Economic Empowerment

11) New Business that the Chairman did not anticipate at time of posting

12) Next Meeting Date

13) Adjournment

*Closed captions available

**Full licensing data to be published with meeting packet, but will not be reviewed during the meeting.