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Cannabis cafes a thing in California!

San Francisco, in fact, already allows on-site recreational cannabis consumption at six consumption lounges as well as at two outlets for medical consumption. Nicole Elliott, director of San Francisco’s Office of Cannabis, said the city’s public health department is also preparing regulations covering future applications for on-site cannabis use.

“The city, in many issues, has been on the leading edge of progressive politics, and this is no exception,” Elliott said.

Meanwhile, West Hollywood in May will start accepting applications from those looking to open their own consumption lounges. The city, adjacent to Los Angeles, will grant 16 permits: eight that will allow for smoking and eight that will restrict use to vaping and edibles.

Jackie Rocco, West Hollywood’s business development manager, said those permits could be granted as soon as early next year. She added that the city, which has housed medical marijuana dispensaries for more than 15 years, now has four outlets that legally sell recreational pot.

“Cannabis is not new to our city,” Rocco said. “Bars are spaces where people can safely consume alcohol. We see this the same way.”