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Can Craft Cannabis survive Big Business?

Craft Marijuana Cultivators Could be the Future of Small Marijuana

While most small businesses and local farmers struggle to find the money to overcome the barriers to getting in and staying in the marijuana industry within their states, farmers in Massachusetts looked for ways to circumvent big businesses. Massachusetts Senator Julian Cyr introduced an amendment that became law last year as part of a comprehensive cannabis bill which allows craft cooperatives. These craft cooperatives give smaller farmers the ability to come together in order to split the costs and profits associated with growing marijuana.

The cooperative model has been compared to craft breweries in the beer industry where smaller “craft” cannabis cultivators might grow high-quality, specialty marijuana that could be sold at a higher price point than mass-produced marijuana grown by big businesses with big farming operations.

Craft cooperatives are intended to make the marijuana industry in Massachusetts more open. Since recreational marijuana was legalized in the state in 2016, the market is expected to grow significantly in the future, and more farmers of all sizes want to get into it. Craft cooperatives don’t solve all of the problems small growers face when trying to enter the marijuana market, but they could help.