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BOYCOTT this Friday!

December 6th, 6pm at the Democracy Center in Cambridge; join us as we demand that Revolutionary Clinics DROP THE SUIT.

Revolutionary Clinics (a corporate RMD) is trying to sue to stop a first in the nation priority period for equity applicants in Cambridge (unless corporate dispensaries are allowed into the priority queue).

We, the consumers, small business owners, and equity proponents of Massachusetts this grotesque lawsuit, which clearly seeks to put corporate profits ahead of communities who have been most impacted by the war on drugs.

For context; in a milestone Massachusetts victory for small business, the Cambridge City Council granted local entrepreneurs certified as “Economic Empowerment” applicants a 2-year priority period to recreate wealth within their community following a September 2019 vote.

However, because corporate profits would be impacted by that proposal, Revolutionary Clinics (and their lawyers) are demanding a Judge rule that no town or city in Massachusetts should ever be able to have another such priority period going forward (unless corporate RMD’s, who never suffered at the hands of the drug war, are included).

This approach by Revolutionary Clincs (and other RMDs) is entirely unacceptable and reflects the very worse of corporate influence within the cannabis community. .

As such, we are calling a collective BOYCOTT on Rev Clinics UNLESS:

-Rev Clinics drops the lawsuit against social equity

– Rev Clinics adds provisions to their positive impact plan to provide annual voluntary donations of 2% of their gross annual revenue towards the technical assistance & training fund

Join us for a revolutionary affair, 6-8pm at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA for a night of speeches from local elected officials, activists and community stakeholders.

Together we will rise in a single voice to demand justice for equity applicants in Cambridge.”