Grow, Gift, Repair

Boston Herald throws some shade at the “Weed” Commission

Their offices are at 101 Federal Street, on the 13th floor — high above the city, in other words. It’s off to a great start — nine or 10 employees that I counted on the state comptroller’s great new website, seven of them making over $121,142 a year.

And one of those is a former state senator, Jennifer Flanagan. And when I called the Weed Commission yesterday looking for info, guess who picked up the phone — Dot Joyce, who used to work at City Hall for the late Mumbles Menino. She’s a consultant.

The Weed Commission’s budget for the last 10 months of this fiscal year is $7.5 million. Eventually they’re supposed to get up to 38 hacks, I mean employees.

Whenever a new agency is started, it’s like a gold rush — for hacks. Maybe more than a gold rush — it’s a stampede.