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Boston City Councilors complain about Boston Freedom Rally

At the regular City Council meeting on Wednesday, the councilors will seek formal approval for a hearing at which to look at ways to crack down on what they say are illegal activities at the event and to get it off the Common altogether.

In their request for a hearing, they write that:

The Boston Common hosts many permitted events throughout the year, but Hempfest is an event that regularly draws complaints from surrounding neighbors and visitors.

These complaints allege that illegal activities and permit violations occurred during the most recent events. This included reports of parked cars on the green space, camping in the park and leaving trash, including used needles, in the park after the event.

Assuming their fellow councilors give their OK for a hearing, they would invite representatives from the city law department, Boston Police, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, the Friends of the Public Garden and “other interested parties.”