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Biden Press Secretary Misstates Marijuana Rescheduling’s Impact For Federal Prisoners Who Want Clemency

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s campaign pledge to release federal inmates with marijuana convictions will start with modestly rescheduling cannabis—a proposal that advocates say wouldn’t actually accomplish what she’s suggesting.

During a briefing, the official was pressed on marijuana clemency for the second day in a row. New York Post reporter Steven Nelson said Psaki’s previous response didn’t offer a “firm answer” as to whether Biden still intends to push for the release of those serving time over non-violent cannabis offenses and asked if the president will “honor his commitment to release everyone in prison for marijuana.”

“Well I think what I did yesterday is reiterate what his position on marijuana was— decriminalizing or rescheduling and certainly legalizing medical marijuana,” she said. “What you’re asking me is a legal question. Now we’re in government, and so I had to follow up with our legal team and I don’t have any additional information quite yet.”