Grow, Gift, Repair

BCWC, LLC (MPN281325)

12. Summary of plan to positively impact areas of disproportionate impact:
The applicant plans to focus its efforts in Mansfield and Taunton which are disproportionately impacted areas close in proximity to Attleboro. The applicant has a twoprong approach for positive impact:
i. Financial Support—The applicant plans to make no less than $10,000 in financial contributions to the Boys and Girls Club of Taunton and the Mansfield YMCA Arts & Education Center; AND
ii. Industry-Specific Instruction—The applicant will provide no less than 50 hours per year towards educating individuals from disproportionately impacted locations in specific areas of the marijuana industry.

22. Summary of diversity plan:
The applicant plans to do the following:
i. Form a diversity and equality committee to accomplish the goal of being diverse and to promote equitable hiring practices;
ii. Establish a mentoring program;
iii. Create incentives for current employees to recruit individuals from diverse backgrounds; and
iv. Analyze its employee population to ensure diversity