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BC kids upset about a local dispensary coming

A company that is opening a medical-marijuana dispensary in East Boston said it has a purchase-and-sale agreement to buy BC dive Mary Ann’s on Beacon Street and rebuild the decrepit place into a contemporary pot shop serving both recreational and medical marijuana users.

Not so fast, a number of people warned Happy Valley Ventures of Massachusetts at a meeting of the Brighton Allston Improvement Association Wednesday night, at which they raised the specter of hordes of pot-seeking BC students descending on the shop and scaring off families from Cleveland Circle.

George Haivanis, owner of Reservoir Wines and Liquors, said he and other merchants have spent long years working to improve Cleveland Circle and they’re not about to let a pot shop ruin that. “Cleveland Circle is a place for families to come with kids to walk and eat,” and swim in the DCR pool, not a place for people to load up on pot, he said.

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He gave BAIA officials letters from ten Cleveland Circle merchants also opposed to the proposal – and said more of them would have attended the meeting had they not heard about the agenda at the last minute. Turning to Happy Valley officials and their lawyer, he warned, “We’re not going away.”

Before it can open, Happy Valley would need to win a letter of “non opposition” from the City Council and approval from both state marijuana regulators and the Boston zoning board.

Happy Valley COO and founder Michael Reardon and two other Happy Valley officials said their goal is to create a facility similar to a doctor’s office or pharmacy, where customers would have to show ID at four separate points before being allowed to walk out with any marijuana products. Recreational users would be limited to an ounce of “flower” or 8 grams of marijuana concentrate – at prices high enough to discourage them from trying to re-sell it on the street.