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Are social clubs the viable community business?

“I think what we’re doing here is important, and I think it’s important on a huge social scale,” Mr. Moon said. He said proudly that police have been to the lounge only once (police confirmed this), and he hasn’t had to kick anybody out in six months.

“And here we are being challenged every step of the way. It’s our responsibility to challenge those types of negative stigmas wherever we can, and … that’s what I want.”

Mr. Moon also criticized community host agreements as essentially municipalities shaking down the marijuana industry, resulting in only deep-pocketed businesses getting permission to open in many communities.

But primarily, Mr. Moon said his energy is focused on the club.

He said that six months in, the club has about 160 to 170 members and receives about 20 to 30 new members a month, many of whom are in the marijuana industry. Membership costs $15 a month plus a $5 user fee for each visit to the club. Guests can come in for $15.