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Application payable via the web

Before regulators will review any application, the applicant must pay an application fee of between $100 and $600. But the commission, which is trying to grow an industry that’s illegal under federal law and which has not been fully embraced by the banking world, was still working this week to arrange for credit and debit card payments.

“We are actively working with the comptroller’s office as well as Treasury to accommodate a variety of payments,” CCC Executive Director Shawn Collins said Tuesday. “I would say as a principle at this point we will be able to accept at least a cashier’s check.”

CCC spokesman Cedric Sinclair confirmed to the New Service on Friday that the commission has resolved the payment question and will accept online credit and debit card payments Tuesday. The commission will not accept cash, Collins said this week.

Tuesday is the first day the CCC will accept applications and application fees from registered marijuana dispensary companies and applicants who are certified for priority review under the CCC’s economic empowerment program. The CCC certified 20 RMDs for that priority review on April 10 and is expected to certify additional applicants next week.

“As you can imagine, given the banking constraints on the industry generally, this is something we want to be careful about so we make sure we are able to accommodate a variety of payments,” Collins said Tuesday.