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AOC and Matt Gaetz Allies in New Front in War on Marijuana

The next front in the ‘war on drugs’ doesn’t have to do with legalization of one substance or another. Rather, it’s a precision operation being waged in state legislatures from coast to coast by the nation’s premier anti-marijuana group, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (or SAM), along with its surprising and growing list of Democratic legislative allies. With cannabis now legal in one form or another in most states, instead of opposing legalization, as they were formed to do in 2013, SAM’s now engaged in an all-out assault on THC potency levels, which threatens to cripple a still new, if multi-billion dollar, industry.

THC is central to what cannabis companies do, because it’s the main psychoactive ingredient in the popular substance (the one that makes one ‘high’). Marijuana retail workers, farmers, owners, advocates and pro-cannabis lawmakers are freaking out, because the effort is picking up steam.