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Another lab license

“We are excited to offer full service testing for the state’s exploding adult-use market. The first two recreational cannabis dispensaries opened on November 20, 2018 and according to the CCC, sales exceeded $2 million in the first five days. Additional dispensaries are awaiting final license approval to enter this $1.2B cannabis market. We have already established relationships with a majority of the growers and producers across the Commonwealth and we look forward to serving them,” said Lori Glauser, COO of EVIO. “As more consumers try cannabis including CBD products, it is vitally important that the product is safe, and the product labels are accurate.”

The provisional license permits EVIO Labs to complete the relocation to its new Framingham facility, reoptimize the equipment to support EVIO’s ISO accredited methods and complete preparations for final inspection. We are forecasting this process will be complete within the next 30 to 45 days