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Another Canadian buy

MPX Bioceuticals of Toronto, Ontario, will take over the 50,000 growing and processing facility in the biopark and the dispensary on Hartwell Street that was built by CannaTech.

The local name will be changed to Health For Life Massachusetts.

Dr. Henry Crowley and Steven Pimental, both of the Same Day SurgiClinic on Hartwell Street, founded CannaTech Medicinals, worked through the regulatory process to grow and sell medical marijuana and began construction on a 50,000 growing and processing facility on Innovation Way.

MPX purchased a 51 percent share of the company in April of 2017. That company operates processing facilities in Canada as well as four dispensaries in Arizona and one in Nevada. It has applications to operate three dispensaries and a processing facility both in Massachusetts and Maryland.

State inspectors went through the dispensary and the processing facility on Tuesday as part of CannaTech’s application to begin growing and selling medical marijuana. The company also plans to apply for a license to sell recreational marijuana, Crowley said.

“The inspection went well,” he said. “After that I sold my interest in CannaTech.”

Pimental also sold his share of the company, Crowley said.

Crowley, an anesthesiologist, said he has another company in Beverly that is developing medicines for pain treatment that are non-opiates.

“Those two businesses just didn’t jibe together,” Crowley said. “I decided to focus my attention on that business.

“I am interested in the medical end of cannabis use. With the Canadian company, the impetus is on adult use.”